Tibet & Myanmar

Tibet y Myanmar


The territories of Tibet and Burma are closely related, due to their particular geographic affinities. Separated by the large barrier of the Himalayas, they are nonetheless united by their great rivers, which flow from the heights of the vast Tibetan plateau, cross the deep valleys of the mountain range and finally reach the Gulf of Bengal.

Following their courses, important migratory movements have taken place and have continued to occur until very recently. This is the reason why the majority of the Myanmar tribes and ethnic groups speak languages belonging to the related Tibetan-Burmese linguistic family.

Besides these ethnic and geographic links, Tibet and Burma share the Buddhist religion, which is deeply rooted in both countries. Buddhism, with its particular vision of the world and life, impregnates every aspect of their society and distinguishes the culture and the customs of their inhabitants.



Mapa Tibet y Birmania



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