F irst comes curiosity, the drive every human being feels to discover whatever lies beyond the horizon.  That curiosity I also felt, and luckily I had the means to travel.  I learned to value other lands and other peoples.  I never had the admirable adroitness of former centuries’ travelers and explorers, who illustrated their reports with outstanding sketches and drawings.  But I had a camera.


Born and educated in a family of hunters, I spent long periods in the countryside and always felt very close to Nature.  I also witnessed the damage we were causing, changed the gun for the camera, and since then devoted a significant part of my time to the defense of our rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage.


The photographs show intact landscapes, architectures -some of which no longer exist- and people from different places and of different backgrounds whose ways of life are today seriously threatened.  They are snapshots taken on the way, true to the rhythm of each voyage, in order to describe in images the territories, ethos and esthetics of those cultures;  the beauty and dignity of those people.  They represent an invitation to enjoy and at the same time to reflect on the process of plunder and devastation in which we are engaged.



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