The Collection

The “Vanishing World Diversity” Collection


T he Vanishing World Diversity Collection consists of 15 geographical areas in a flawless limited first edition: 25 copies numbered from 1 to 25 plus 4 tests made by the author.

Maghreb: Argelia, Morocco & Tunisia

Yemen & Ethiopia

Bolivia, Ecuador & Peru

Tibet & Myanmar

Indonesia: Bali, Sumatra & Java, Sulawesi

Middle America: Cuba & La Hispaniola, Guatemala & Mexico

Eastern & Southern Africa: Africa, Wildlife & Indian

Indochina: Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam

Egypt: The Nile, Cairo & Sinaí

Oceania: Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia & Tasmania

India & Sri Lanka

Southern Cone: Chile, Argentina & Paraguay

Middle East: Turkey & Uzbekistan, Syria, Lebanon & Jordan

Brasil, Colombia & Venezuela

China & Japan

Papua New Guinea

 recorte-coleccionThe VWD Collection






Each geographic area is composed of two or three books with over 300 colorful photographs. Besides, each book contains an introduction, an explanatory text of the author and a historical analysis of every geographic area, with maps and additional photographs in a separate piece.
The entire collection is printed on a mixed technique of digital art and offset, removed manually page by page, on an expressly manufactured paper: Xantur Phoenix Motion, 200 grams, texture-adapted to the artist’s requirements. The typography used is "Myriad Pro" in their round, italic, bold, combining different bands and bodies. The Collection’s cover is made with a luxurious cotton fabric with a beige Geltex hardcover and a moleskin closure. Titles have been made by the stamping technique from previous steel plate engravings.
Each Geographic Area includes two or three books contained in a box designed by "Eriza Bibliophiles" study in Spain. A total of 15 cases and 45 copies, bound in beige Geltex cotton fabric with a black satin ribbon to remove books with their respective prints. All materials used in this project are respectful with biodiversity; paper, fabric ink.


Title: Threatened Diversity – Vanishing World Diversity Collection

Author: Okaimal

Subject: Artistic and documentary photography referring to landscape, culture, and the endangered societies in 4 continents.

Languages: Spanish / English

Photos: between 200 and 300 colorful as geographic area.

Binding: hardcover box containing two or three books with a total of 350 to 400 pages per geographic area.

Number of Cases: 15



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